Tissot Launches the New T-Touch Connect Solar Watch

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar is a straightforward new addition to the T-Touch collection and the first multi-functional touch watch with replica Tissot watches features such as connectivity, wearability, privacy, interaction, long endurance and modernity. With a variety of useful functions, this Swiss-made Connected watch supports every wearer in any situation.

Tissot Launches the New T-Touch Connect Solar Watch

The replica Tissot T watches -Touch Connect Solar offers the wearer a wide range of options, whether for sports and fitness or for everyday wear. Of particular importance is the navigation system with push buttons, an electronic crown and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, designed to meet the needs of any land-based sport: hiking, climbing, cycling, basketball, and so on.

Tissot Launches the New T-Touch Connect Solar Watch

In fact, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar has all the basic functions of the T-Touch Expert Solar, including a perpetual calendar, countdown, various timers, alarm, barometer and altimeter functions, allowing sports enthusiasts to not only judge their own performance, but also to get a weather forecast when out in the mountains.

Tissot Launches the New T-Touch Connect Solar Watch

The watch’s clean design is also suitable for everyday city life, such as work or going out with friends. The watch is powered by the Sw-ALPS operating system, which manages functions such as activity tracking, calls and notifications (SMS, emails, etc.) sent from other applications on the smartphone via a sapphire crystal touch lens. The system was developed entirely in Switzerland and is compatible with iOS, Android and Harmony mobile operating systems. As such, these features help today’s business professionals to stay up to date on the go.

In addition, the watch has a unique feature: it can be converted from a Connected watch to a “classic” timepiece with just one click.

TAG Heuer launches F1 Series Indy 500 Chronograph Special Limited Edition 2020

The Indianapolis 500 (Indy 500) is one of the three biggest annual events in motorsports, and replica TAG Heuer watches has a long-standing relationship with it. Due to the epidemic, the 2020 Indy 500 has been postponed to August 23rd. To celebrate this partnership, TAG Heuer is launching the Formula 1 Indy 500 Chronograph Limited Edition 2020 (model: CAZ101AD.FT8024).

TAG Heuer launches F1 Series Indy 500 Chronograph Special Limited Edition 2020

The new model is 43 mm in diameter and features a black DLC steel case with a sandblasted finish for a matte finish. The black textured dial has three silver-tone sub-dials (1/10th of a second, small seconds, 30-minute counter) and a date window (at 4 o’clock) and is decorated with a red brick motif (the Indy 500 was known as the “Brickyard”). The rhodium-plated hour markers and the central hour and minute hands are coated with white Super-LumiNova luminescent material to ensure readability even in dark conditions. The solid steel case back is decorated with the Indy 500 logo.

TAG Heuer launches F1 Series Indy 500 Chronograph Special Limited Edition 2020

The 1/10th of a second counter at 6 o’clock is decorated with the distinctive Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo, as is the case with other Indy 500 special editions. The black ceramic fixed bezel is marked with the “INDY 500” lettering and tachymeter scale. The chronograph is powered by a precision quartz movement and fitted with a sporty black rubber strap.

TAG Heuer launches F1 Series Indy 500 Chronograph Special Limited Edition 2020

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 Chronograph is now available in a limited edition of 1,500 pieces.

The Beauty of Haute Horlogerie Tasting the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar

Originally found in giant chronometers, the perpetual calendar became common in pocket watch movements in the 1920s, and later in wristwatches. In 1985, the legendary watchmaker Kurt Klaus solved this problem with an innovative, in-house mechanical perpetual calendar movement, forging a new path for the calendar. 2020, IWC Portuguese Collection With the launch of the “Boutique Special Edition” perpetual calendar watch, the brand once again demonstrates its extraordinary expertise and craftsmanship. (Ref. IW503312)

IWC Portuguese Collection IW503312

Let’s start with the overall look of the watch. The dial diameter of the watch is 44.2 mm, so putting down that many functions won’t look crowded. The watch looks elegant with a blue dial and an 18k Armor Gold® hard gold case.

The Beauty of Haute Horlogerie Tasting the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar

There are four subdials on the dial, which are evenly distributed. The slender leaf-shaped hands are exceptionally clear and fluid, while the replica iwc watches three-dimensional Arabic numerals and orbital scales are simple and easy to read, preserving a hint of vintage style in their overall appearance. The overall look retains a hint of vintage style. Let’s take a closer look at the details. The lower half of the dial is decorated with a record pattern and printed with the IWC logo.

The Beauty of Haute Horlogerie Tasting the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar

The outer ring at 3 o’clock features a date indicator, as well as a handy power reserve display. This is followed by a month display dial at 6 o’clock, with a slim hand pointing to the current month, making it easy to read. A four-digit year indicator is also located on its left side. At 9 o’clock, the day of the week is displayed on a dial that is also decorated with a record pattern for added depth.

The watch follows the narrower bezel of the Portuguese collection, with polished lugs and brushed side cases, in a dressy but casual style. The crown, located on the right side of the watch, is engraved with the IWC brand logo and has a non-slip pitted finish. The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Boutique Special Edition is equipped with an in-house caliber 52610, a Breton winding system with ceramic components and a double barrel offering a 7-day power reserve. The decorative movement and the 18-carat gold oscillating weight can be seen through the transparent sapphire glass back.

The watch is fitted with a blue Santoni alligator leather strap, which has a more graphic design than the standard version. The buckle is also finely finished, giving the watch a gentleman’s elegance. In conclusion: this watch automatically recognizes the different days of the month and the leap year, and does not require any manual correction until 2100. It does not require any manual correction until 2100.

This Moment of Lightning Tissot Speedmaster

Rugby is not only a sport, but also an art of living, and represents the attitude of facing the strongest opponents and being fearless. Tissot Tissot’s Dare collection celebrates the spirit of English rugby, combining replica Tissot watches sport and fashion, and showing the wearer’s freedom and fearlessness on the wrist.

This Moment of Lightning Tissot Speedmaster

The new Tissot Speed Daredevil features an imposing 45.5 mm diameter steel dial. The case features a large diameter crown that can be easily pressed and a shoulder guard to protect it from impact. With its sturdy replica Tissot watches shape and distinctive character, it is not only imposing but also quick and agile, like the decisive back-row forwards in rugby. In life, the Tissot Speedmaster is synonymous with casualness and style, and will accompany you on your leisurely afternoons.

This Moment of Lightning Tissot Speedmaster.

The Tissot Speed Daredevil is available in a variety of colorways and straps in brown and black leather, reflecting the fact that rugby is loved by people all over the world regardless of gender, race or nationality. The Tissot daredevil watches are available in a variety of high quality styles to suit the wearer’s individuality, whether in the gym or on the field of play, and are designed to be worn on the wrist with an airy design that emphasizes the wearer’s courage and ability.

This Moment of Lightning Tissot Speedmaster.

Equipped with a fixed frame and engraved tachymeter with a maximum speed of 400 km/h, the Tissot Speed Daredevil will help the sports enthusiast in a race where every second counts. The dial features a date frame at 6 o’clock, 12 eye-catching luminescent coated hour markers and large sword-shaped luminescent hands, allowing the wearer to read the time quickly and accurately even when in motion, enhancing the sporty figure. In addition to a central display of hours, minutes and small seconds at 6 o’clock, the collection is equipped with two chronograph counters: one at 2 o’clock, which displays a 1/10 reading as an aid to the central seconds hand, and the other at 10 o’clock, which displays up to 30 minutes and is suitable for longer periods of timekeeping. The Sudare’s ingenious dial design provides professional timekeeping for speed competitions in sports. At the same time, the aesthetic details of the dials are designed to give the wearer the confidence and confidence to be a gentleman and showcase the spirit of rugby at all times.

The Tissot Speed Dare collection not only represents Tissot’s long-standing relationship with the world of sport since its birth in 1853, but also symbolizes its close connection with rugby. Tissot is not only the partner of Top 14, the highest league in French rugby and the European Six Nations Championship, but also the official timekeeper partner of European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR), the organizer of the European Club Championship.

Designed specifically for rugby, the Tissot Speed Dare is designed to withstand the intense pushing and shoving pressures of close combat and to keep time during the tournament. With the spirit of sportsmanship and sporting history blended into the watch body, the Tissot Speed Daredevil is not only a quality watch, but also one with a deeper meaning. The Tissot daredevil series shines on the wearer’s wrist when riding freely or working out, and brings the fighting spirit and charming grace of rugby to your every shining moment.

OMEGA launches an updated version of its classic Discworld Jumbo watch

The watch is available with a choice of three case materials – 18-carat OMEGA Sedna™ gold, 18-carat yellow gold and 18-carat white gold – and follows the 10.6 mm slimline case of the previous model.

OMEGA launches an updated version of its classic Discworld Jumbo watch

The white dial is decorated with a classic Parisian nail motif and has curved hour-markers in 18K gold set around the outer ring. The domed sapphire replica omega watches replica omega watches crystal with anti-reflective treatment protects the simple and austere dial.

OMEGA launches an updated version of its classic Discworld Jumbo watch

This exquisite timepiece is fitted with a classic leather strap, available in black or brown, with a polished gold clasp. The strap is attached to the case by delicately curved 18-carat gold lugs.

On the case back of the Flying Saucer Jumbo are engraved the letters “Si14”, “Anti-magnetic” and “>15’000 Gauss”. “It shows that the watch is equipped with a silicon balance spring capable of resisting magnetic fields of over 15’000 gauss. A sapphire crystal inserted in the centre of the caseback provides an unobstructed view of the delicate mechanical movement.

OMEGA launches an updated version of its classic Discworld Jumbo watch

The “heart” of the watch is a unique hand-wound mechanical movement, the OMEGA Co-Axial Caliber 8511, featuring an Si14 silicon balance spring, a three-stage Co-Axial escapement and OMEGA’s exclusive anti-magnetic technology, officially certified by the Observatory as resistant to magnetic fields greater than 15’000 gauss, as well as OMEGA’s Co-Axial movement, which is renowned for its precision.

The Discworld Jumbo comes with a 4-year full guarantee and a water depth of 3 bar (approx. 30 metres).

Why does the Rolex keep going up?

People who are familiar with watches know that in recent times, the Rolex market has begun a wave of “rise”. Not only has been the “hot” model reached a new peak, but also led to the rise of other popular models. Not only I have never seen this kind of situation, even some business watch for many years, experienced the green glass ups and downs of the boss, also said that these two years Rolex’s rate of increase is really “unusual”.

Rolex on sale with blue plate and green glass.

We all know, not only Rolex, any popular watch, ups and downs are very normal things. Any new Rolex just launched, because it is new, there will be a period of price increase, and then after a period of time, the supply of catch up, then slowly return to the normal market. When green glass was speculated to sky-high prices, now green glass is the normal market, and this is a normal situation. But recently, and in the past, the difference is that replica watches Rolex the original market has been at a high level of hot speculation models, after such a long time, not only is still not down, but also rising. Some sports models and gold watches, which were still normal in the original market, have also started to follow suit, and some models have unknowingly started to exceed the fair price. In other words, the actual price of Rolexes as a whole is moving up.

Rolex new steel case five bead chain with red and blue rings 126710.

We can roughly look at what’s actually happening right now.

The first one, is the Rolex Ceramic Bezel Steel Case Ditoner (116500). It is reasonable to say that Rolex ceramic ring steel di has been out for many years, after so many years, the market should be stable. But the actual situation you all know, ceramic ring steel di has never fallen back. The public price of ceramic ring steel di is 95,000, from the beginning of the launch has been kept at 110,000 or 120,000. In recent times, after rising further, a used 116500 are already 13, the actual price of the new watch has run higher.

Rolex ceramic ring steel case Ditoner.

The second one is the Green Ghost. Last year, the actual price of the Rolex Green Ghost broke 7, which means that last year the Green Ghost started to go over the fair price (I think the one I bought back then was still discounted). Since last year, the Green Ghost over-priced, it’s out of control, the actual price all the way up, after breaking 7 to break 8, after breaking 8 even have to run 9.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 Green Plate

The third, is a nigger. Ditoner and Green Ghost hot firings are understandable, as they are more eye-catching and special labors. The niggers have held a more normal market for a long time. For the first two years, I didn’t find niggers to be much of an expensive watch. Back then the calendar niggers were not expensive. But especially starting this year, the nigger’s market started to go up step by step. Instead of running to the peak, the niggers went up little by little. Until all of a sudden, it was discovered that the calendar niggers could also exceed the metric price.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 Black Dial

The fourth one is the red and blue circle. The steel case five bead chain red and blue circle is this year’s latest Rolex. It’s understandable that this watch’s market is higher. After all, it is the latest model. Rolex red and blue circle in addition to the old, antique watch, before it was white gold, this five-bead chain red and blue circle is the first time to come out of the steel watch. The red and blue color coke circle, the new 32XX series movement, naturally, is hotly sought after. Steel case five-bead chain red and blue circle public price 71800, now the actual price is also to 11 to 13.

Rolex steel case five-bead chain with red and blue rings

The fifth, is the blue-black circle. The blue-black circle is similar to the black ghost, the blue-black circle has always been the market has been a normal table, performance is not particularly eye-catching. I don’t know if this year is because of the steel case five bead chain red and blue ring drive, the blue and black circle market also began to rise little by little. Blue black circle public price is 69,000, but recently is also in the case of unconscious, will exceed the public price.

Rolex Blue Black Circle

The fifth, is the Blue Black Circle. The blue and black circle situation and the black ghost is almost the same, the blue and black circle has always been the market has been more normal table, performance is not particularly eye-catching. I don’t know if this year is because of the steel case five bead chain red and blue ring drive, the blue and black circle of the market also began to rise little by little. Blue black circle public price is 69,000, but recently is also in the case of unconscious, will exceed the public price.

Rolex Goldie

At all is still on supply and demand.

Rolex popular watch, sports watch a watch hard to find, super metric price, rationing, these are the actual situation. The reason for these situations, some people think it is because of “speculation”, but the root cause is still in the imbalance between supply and demand. To be frank, the production is low, but too many people want it. Rolex watches are all mass-produced watches, never limited edition watches, so Rolex is a continuous supply. But the problem is the low volume. For example, say there are 10 Rolex stores in an area with popular Rolex watches that arrive every month. One store arrives 1 nigger per month, so 10 stores, 10 niggers. And there are 100 people waiting to buy a nigger. Usually these niggers at the boutique are only available from the store to long-term customers with large transaction volumes and large amounts of money (for example, people put their bank cards directly in the store, and the popular watches arrive and are immediately swiped, so it’s hard for the average person to see these watches in the store), so once these 10 niggers leave the boutique and enter the secondary market, and there are 100 people waiting to buy them, then the 10 niggers immediately soar in value.

Rolex Greenwich II 116710LN-78200

If you take it a step further, it’s these Swiss watch brands themselves that are controlling the production of popular watches. Some would say that if the supply is outstripping the demand, why not increase production. The problem is, things are worth more than they are worth, and if you increase production, there is more supply, and the value of popular watches like the Black Ghost and Green Ghost drop, 30,000 a piece, then the brands are worthless. To make a big deal of it, the Swiss economy will all suffer, Switzerland is dependent on watch exports.

In addition the imbalance between supply and demand, the middle is profitable, attracting a lot of hot money in, to push up the market of popular watches, and further play a role in fueling the fire. Some people say, Rolex watch, movement are not important. I think that’s a reasonable statement. The change in technology on the movement, the old and new models, has had no effect on the value of the popular Rolex. At the same time, some people say that anomalies must be demons, that too much over its own value is a danger signal, and that it’s only a matter of time before it falls. But if the popular Rolex watch on the current level of supply, hot money does not shift, then the Rolex market is difficult to fundamentally come down.

Breitling launches a special limited edition of the Purina B01 Chronograph Watches of Swtizerland Group

Breitling Purina B01 Chronograph.

To celebrate this long-standing partnership, replica Breitling watches has joined forces with the Watches of Swtizerland Group to present a new special edition of the Poulain B01 Chronograph.

Breitling Purina B01 Chronograph., In addition, the dial’s outer edge is marked with a handy tachymeter scale.

The 42 mm diameter stainless steel case has been polished. It features a white and blue dial with 30-minute counters at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, a date window and a small seconds counter. In addition, the dial’s outer edge is marked with a handy tachymeter scale.

Breitling Purina B01 Chronograph-certified by the COSC.

It is equipped with Breitling’s flagship in-house caliber 01, a 346-part movement with column wheel and longitudinal clutch, self-winding on bi-directional ball bearings and a power reserve of up to 70 hours, chronometer-certified by the COSC.

The sapphire crystal is adorned with the “Watches of Switzerland Group” logo and the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch. A blue crocodile leather strap with white stitching, each watch bears a certificate signed by Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, and by the CEO of Watches of Switzerland Group, and is limited to 150 pieces, 50 in the United States and 100 in the United Kingdom.