How to pull the wool over Rolex’s eyes

I was once not that fascinated by watches, I didn’t know about Patek Philippe and I didn’t know about Vacheron Constantin. When I saw the watch rankings in the newspaper one day, I realised that there were more expensive and higher-end watches than Rolex. In those days, Rolex was the first watch that came to mind, and I didn’t know anything about “Aqua Ghost”, “Yacht” or “Dittona”. “The only thing I knew was that the best one was the big, yellow “gold Rolex”.

The “gold Rolex” is represented by the Rolex Day-Date, or DD for short, officially known as the Osyter Perpetual Day-Date. In 1956, Rolex launched the Day-Date at Baselworld, 25 years after Rolex had patented the automatic watch and exactly 30 years after the famous Osyter Oyster case was created.

The Day-Date was introduced because Rolex had already obtained a patent for the instantaneous jumping of the day and date, which would have broken the rut of dual calendar watches at the time. The day window was enlarged to a long sector at the top of the dial at 12 o’clock. This change made the Day-Date the first watch in the world to have both a calendar window and an all-caps day on the dial,Replica Rolex Watches as the days of the week had been abbreviated in previous dual calendar watches. The Day-Date has remained a classic design for nearly 60 years since then.

Most Day-Dates seen by watch enthusiasts have the day and calendar in English, but Rolex has adapted the dual calendar display to the global market by making it available in a total of 26 different languages, including Chinese characters.

The day and date discs in Chinese characters are relatively rare, with older versions costing around RMB 8,000 a piece on the secondary market. A Day-Date would cost two pieces, or around 15,000.

Recently, they have become available at Rolex service centres in China! When you need to take care of your Rolex Day-Date, you can take the initiative and ask for a replacement, and the experience of previous successful watchmakers is that it costs no money, no money, no money to replace the Chinese calendar dial!

Of course, this batch of Chinese calendar dials arriving at the domestic Rolex service centre are new, with a somewhat modernised font shape and not as elegant as the older models. But, after all, it’s free, so we can’t ask for too much!

So, if you have an older model Day-Date that needs servicing recently, I personally strongly recommend going to a Rolex service centre to have it serviced and to have the Chinese date disc replaced. The official maintenance cost is 4,700 yuan,Replica Rolex submariner and the market price of two Chinese dials is more than 10,000 yuan, rounded up to the nearest dollar. I’ve also got the Rolex wool.

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