How to pull the wool over Rolex’s eyes

I was once not that fascinated by watches, I didn’t know about Patek Philippe and I didn’t know about Vacheron Constantin. When I saw the watch rankings in the newspaper one day, I realised that there were more expensive and higher-end watches than Rolex. In those days, Rolex was the first watch that came to mind, and I didn’t know anything about “Aqua Ghost”, “Yacht” or “Dittona”. “The only thing I knew was that the best one was the big, yellow “gold Rolex”.

The “gold Rolex” is represented by the Rolex Day-Date, or DD for short, officially known as the Osyter Perpetual Day-Date. In 1956, Rolex launched the Day-Date at Baselworld, 25 years after Rolex had patented the automatic watch and exactly 30 years after the famous Osyter Oyster case was created.

The Day-Date was introduced because Rolex had already obtained a patent for the instantaneous jumping of the day and date, which would have broken the rut of dual calendar watches at the time. The day window was enlarged to a long sector at the top of the dial at 12 o’clock. This change made the Day-Date the first watch in the world to have both a calendar window and an all-caps day on the dial,Replica Rolex Watches as the days of the week had been abbreviated in previous dual calendar watches. The Day-Date has remained a classic design for nearly 60 years since then.

Most Day-Dates seen by watch enthusiasts have the day and calendar in English, but Rolex has adapted the dual calendar display to the global market by making it available in a total of 26 different languages, including Chinese characters.

The day and date discs in Chinese characters are relatively rare, with older versions costing around RMB 8,000 a piece on the secondary market. A Day-Date would cost two pieces, or around 15,000.

Recently, they have become available at Rolex service centres in China! When you need to take care of your Rolex Day-Date, you can take the initiative and ask for a replacement, and the experience of previous successful watchmakers is that it costs no money, no money, no money to replace the Chinese calendar dial!

Of course, this batch of Chinese calendar dials arriving at the domestic Rolex service centre are new, with a somewhat modernised font shape and not as elegant as the older models. But, after all, it’s free, so we can’t ask for too much!

So, if you have an older model Day-Date that needs servicing recently, I personally strongly recommend going to a Rolex service centre to have it serviced and to have the Chinese date disc replaced. The official maintenance cost is 4,700 yuan,Replica Rolex submariner and the market price of two Chinese dials is more than 10,000 yuan, rounded up to the nearest dollar. I’ve also got the Rolex wool.

Why does the Rolex keep going up?

People who are familiar with watches know that in recent times, the Rolex market has begun a wave of “rise”. Not only has been the “hot” model reached a new peak, but also led to the rise of other popular models. Not only I have never seen this kind of situation, even some business watch for many years, experienced the green glass ups and downs of the boss, also said that these two years Rolex’s rate of increase is really “unusual”.

Rolex on sale with blue plate and green glass.

We all know, not only Rolex, any popular watch, ups and downs are very normal things. Any new Rolex just launched, because it is new, there will be a period of price increase, and then after a period of time, the supply of catch up, then slowly return to the normal market. When green glass was speculated to sky-high prices, now green glass is the normal market, and this is a normal situation. But recently, and in the past, the difference is that replica watches Rolex the original market has been at a high level of hot speculation models, after such a long time, not only is still not down, but also rising. Some sports models and gold watches, which were still normal in the original market, have also started to follow suit, and some models have unknowingly started to exceed the fair price. In other words, the actual price of Rolexes as a whole is moving up.

Rolex new steel case five bead chain with red and blue rings 126710.

We can roughly look at what’s actually happening right now.

The first one, is the Rolex Ceramic Bezel Steel Case Ditoner (116500). It is reasonable to say that Rolex ceramic ring steel di has been out for many years, after so many years, the market should be stable. But the actual situation you all know, ceramic ring steel di has never fallen back. The public price of ceramic ring steel di is 95,000, from the beginning of the launch has been kept at 110,000 or 120,000. In recent times, after rising further, a used 116500 are already 13, the actual price of the new watch has run higher.

Rolex ceramic ring steel case Ditoner.

The second one is the Green Ghost. Last year, the actual price of the Rolex Green Ghost broke 7, which means that last year the Green Ghost started to go over the fair price (I think the one I bought back then was still discounted). Since last year, the Green Ghost over-priced, it’s out of control, the actual price all the way up, after breaking 7 to break 8, after breaking 8 even have to run 9.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 Green Plate

The third, is a nigger. Ditoner and Green Ghost hot firings are understandable, as they are more eye-catching and special labors. The niggers have held a more normal market for a long time. For the first two years, I didn’t find niggers to be much of an expensive watch. Back then the calendar niggers were not expensive. But especially starting this year, the nigger’s market started to go up step by step. Instead of running to the peak, the niggers went up little by little. Until all of a sudden, it was discovered that the calendar niggers could also exceed the metric price.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 Black Dial

The fourth one is the red and blue circle. The steel case five bead chain red and blue circle is this year’s latest Rolex. It’s understandable that this watch’s market is higher. After all, it is the latest model. Rolex red and blue circle in addition to the old, antique watch, before it was white gold, this five-bead chain red and blue circle is the first time to come out of the steel watch. The red and blue color coke circle, the new 32XX series movement, naturally, is hotly sought after. Steel case five-bead chain red and blue circle public price 71800, now the actual price is also to 11 to 13.

Rolex steel case five-bead chain with red and blue rings

The fifth, is the blue-black circle. The blue-black circle is similar to the black ghost, the blue-black circle has always been the market has been a normal table, performance is not particularly eye-catching. I don’t know if this year is because of the steel case five bead chain red and blue ring drive, the blue and black circle market also began to rise little by little. Blue black circle public price is 69,000, but recently is also in the case of unconscious, will exceed the public price.

Rolex Blue Black Circle

The fifth, is the Blue Black Circle. The blue and black circle situation and the black ghost is almost the same, the blue and black circle has always been the market has been more normal table, performance is not particularly eye-catching. I don’t know if this year is because of the steel case five bead chain red and blue ring drive, the blue and black circle of the market also began to rise little by little. Blue black circle public price is 69,000, but recently is also in the case of unconscious, will exceed the public price.

Rolex Goldie

At all is still on supply and demand.

Rolex popular watch, sports watch a watch hard to find, super metric price, rationing, these are the actual situation. The reason for these situations, some people think it is because of “speculation”, but the root cause is still in the imbalance between supply and demand. To be frank, the production is low, but too many people want it. Rolex watches are all mass-produced watches, never limited edition watches, so Rolex is a continuous supply. But the problem is the low volume. For example, say there are 10 Rolex stores in an area with popular Rolex watches that arrive every month. One store arrives 1 nigger per month, so 10 stores, 10 niggers. And there are 100 people waiting to buy a nigger. Usually these niggers at the boutique are only available from the store to long-term customers with large transaction volumes and large amounts of money (for example, people put their bank cards directly in the store, and the popular watches arrive and are immediately swiped, so it’s hard for the average person to see these watches in the store), so once these 10 niggers leave the boutique and enter the secondary market, and there are 100 people waiting to buy them, then the 10 niggers immediately soar in value.

Rolex Greenwich II 116710LN-78200

If you take it a step further, it’s these Swiss watch brands themselves that are controlling the production of popular watches. Some would say that if the supply is outstripping the demand, why not increase production. The problem is, things are worth more than they are worth, and if you increase production, there is more supply, and the value of popular watches like the Black Ghost and Green Ghost drop, 30,000 a piece, then the brands are worthless. To make a big deal of it, the Swiss economy will all suffer, Switzerland is dependent on watch exports.

In addition the imbalance between supply and demand, the middle is profitable, attracting a lot of hot money in, to push up the market of popular watches, and further play a role in fueling the fire. Some people say, Rolex watch, movement are not important. I think that’s a reasonable statement. The change in technology on the movement, the old and new models, has had no effect on the value of the popular Rolex. At the same time, some people say that anomalies must be demons, that too much over its own value is a danger signal, and that it’s only a matter of time before it falls. But if the popular Rolex watch on the current level of supply, hot money does not shift, then the Rolex market is difficult to fundamentally come down.